Shopping Guide

Shopping Process

Step one: Sign up for free food into three members, three of the food web log; 

Step Two: Select the product (single product direct point of purchase "buy" to buy more merchandise click on the "Buy to purchase"); 

Step Three: Go to "My Cart", if you need to buy, please click "Continue Purchase"; 

Step Four: When all the goods set finished, click the "go to checkout"; 

Step Five: Go to modify the status of orders, fill in the appropriate volume of goods, click Edit; 

Step Six: Determine the correct, click "Next" to fill in the relevant consignee information, click on "Finish" (Please remember your order number to check); 

Step Seven: According to the website, "Pay," published in the bank account transfer, call or fax remittance money order to our company; 

Step eight: I am in the confirmation payment, began stocking shipments. (I have opened a bank account all online audit, your money as long as three minutes can be confirmed.) 
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